Girl who fell into a coma after getting breast implants can’t walk

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Linda Perez has to be carried by her father Fernando Izquierdo because she can still barely move her limbs after complications during her August 2013 breast augmentation surgery

A young woman who fell into a coma last year after getting breast augmentation surgery has been allowed to go back to her home but is still unable to move on her own and can only say a few words. 
Linda Perez now has to be under constant supervision as she has dropped to a skeletal weight. Doctors fear that the now-19-year-old may never recover, but her mother is holding out for a recovery, citing the fact that she is now off of her feeding tube as a good sign. ‘I still have hope because she is alive and she’s home,’ Mariela Diaz told The Miami Herald. 
While she may be remaining upbeat, her daughter has not come to terms with her inability to move her own limbs.

‘She goes into depression and crying,’. ‘She sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her, she cries.’ 

Linda suffered brain damage in the hour after the breast augmentation finished but now the doctor who performed the surgery is filing to have access to her earlier medical records because he feels she hid key facts from him. 
She allegedly had a complication from anesthesia that she was given during the birth of her son, and if she had told the doctor about that incident he would have approached the procedure differently. For months following the August 2013 operation, the then-18-year-old’s toddler son was not told about his mother’s illness. 
She first showed signs of life in a coma in October and was allowed to go back to the family home in November. Now her parents have told The Miami Herald that they plan to petition a court in order to become the now-4-year-old boy’s legal guardians- as well as getting the same title for their daughter. They also are in the process of gearing up for a court battle as they are planning on filing a lawsuit against the doctor who put in their daughter’s breast implants. While the medical explanation for what exactly happened is still being debated, it is visible that something terrible has happened to the girl because she is so thin. 
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