VIDEO Of Nyanya Motor Park Bomb Explosion

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Someone at Nyanya motor park made a video immediately after the bomb explosion…watch the video when you continue but ***VIEWERS DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED***

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  1. Anonymous

    April 16, 2014 at 9:23 am

    there is no different compared to what we have been seeing, we will all rant and retort to each other's tweet, government as usual will condemn the killings, christians as usual will insult muslims, muslim will insult GEJ and say boko are not muslim, and a limited thinker from the south south will come from no Were and say GEJ till 2019,the man from the west will say let dem kill their selves Watin consine us, chinedu from the east will say buhari, atiku and babangida are the boko harm, the Arewa elders, will hold a meeting, that state of emergency be removed( even when the killings are getting worst) the groups who goes to church or mosque ones a month will say END TIME TINS, those who stand under the umbrella will say APC are BH, while those with the broom will say PDP is their sponsors, at the end of every tweet those who care will say, may their soul rest in peace, and after a week we will forget that something like this happened hmmmmm this is the nigerian mind, our fallen heroes lied to us that we are good people great nation, but forgot to tell us that our major problem is attitude.God pls change nigerians



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