T.I. Dragged To Court For Paternity Test Hearing By A Woman He And Tiny Had Threesome With

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A man is claiming that Rapper T.I. may have a love child with someone who he and wifey Tiny banged together a couple of years ago.
There have been reports that Tiny and Tip are into spicing up their relationship by having threesomes so this really doesn’t come off as shocking to me.
According to Fameolous Rapper T.I is being subpoena to court by a guy by the name of Karl over a child he claims the rapper may have fathered. 
The mother goes by Mimi and allegedly she had threesomes with Tiny and Tip in 2012.
Peep her photo when you continue..
According to some of the documents Fameoulous has, T.I will be appearing in court this month on the 16th..and they have a source that will have all of the TEA.
T.I. has not yet commented on these accusations, BUT I’m sure once he or Tiny catches wind of the story they may have something to say.
What is up with these men? Having threesomes but nobody has enough sense to wrap it up? Shame…
Tiny did say she wanted more kids…so I guess she got her wish now.
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