Tyra Banks Follows “Raw” No-Makeup Selfie With Glam “Rouge” Picture: “This Is Really Me, Too”

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… After making headlines for her self-described “raw” no-makeup selfie on Wednesday, Tyra Banks made a splash again, taking to Instagram with a glam, full-makeup pic to contrast her earlier shot.

Tyra Banks

In the photo, the 41-year-old America’s Next Top Model star boasts a flawless complexion, smoky eyeshadow and perfectly curled lashes, shimmering pink lip gloss, and a bejeweled, winged ear cuff.

“Yesterday, I woke up and felt like showing you the me you deserved to see. #RawAndReal,” she wrote in the accompanying caption. “Today, I want to continue to keep it real. Why? Because we ALL know I don’t walk around looking like the bare-faced photo I posted yesterday.

She went on to detail her usual beautification process….more deets when you continue…

“Almost everyday, I rock mascara, blush up my cheeks, and throw concealer on those damn dark circles under my eyes I was so tempted to touch up on my raw pic yesterday,” she explained.

“The painted face you’re looking at right now…THIS is REALLY me, too,” she continued. “Is it raw? Heck no! Is it real? The jury’s out on that, but I say, ‘Yeah.’ I know what you’re thinking. ‘What???!!!'”

“It’s real because I’m keepin’ it REAL by admitting I need to put stuff on my face to look like a supermodel. (Add a lil’ retouching and Wham, the final look is complete!)” she shared. “Yeah, I wished I woke up looking flawless, but that just ain’t me. Not at all. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. None of us should be. #RougeAndReal”

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