Blac Chyna Flaunts Her Tattoed Baby Bump For Elle Mag, Reveals Her Baby Wont Have A K Name [PHOTOS]

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Chy sure is racking up those magazine features. Just days after flaunting her glowing gut on the pages of Paper Magazine, Chy is doing yet another stripped down pregnancy shoot for Elle.com — and opening up about the pop culture phenomenon that is #BlacRob, her “stripper ho” past, and what’s really good with her and her brood of future sister-in-laws…

It’s her ambition that has caused some people  to question if Chyna’s love for Rob is the real deal or little more than an elaborate PR move designed to turn her into a household name.

Chyna was making calculated moves to close in on her own empire with a precision and finesse that not even the Kardashians saw coming…And so the Kardashians, a family often accused of stealing black men, black features, and black culture, got beat at their own game by a black woman.”

Wearing nothing but lingerie as she talked about her new reality show Rob & Chyna and her past. The 28-year-old discussed her past as an exotic dancer and how she first started dating Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, after he cast her in his video Rack City.

The mum-of-one also reflected on when she first knew she was destined for stardom while working at McDonald’s:

“Normally you start on fries or burgers, but I was never back there. I guess it was because of my personality.”

Chyna couldn’t help but sing the praises of her fiance Rob Kardashian:

“When I linked up with Rob, he was at a point where nobody could really help him,” But I’m the type of person that likes to motivate my friends and help them figure out how they can do better. That’s how we really started off.” 

“When I’m around Rob, I’m never all up in his business, asking questions. I let him be himself and relax,” 

“I’m not a therapist. If he opens up, and I say the wrong thing, he may shut me out. Sometimes it’s just best to let people talk about it and get it off their chest. That’s how I’ve been carrying the situation with me and Rob, and so far it’s worked out.”

“Around Rob, I’m always able to speak my mind and speak freely and not care. I can do the craziest stuff or say the craziest stuff, and he doesn’t judge me. Like if my stomach hurts, I don’t have to pretend. I can go straight to the bathroom. It’s those little things that really make a big difference.”

But Chyna says that vengeance, power plays, and chess moves were the furthest thing from her mind when a high school student snatched her fiance…

Chyna claims the taunts didn’t hurt her. She and Tyga were on the outs when he took up with Kylie, she says, and she’d already moved on.

“When you don’t want to be in a relationship with somebody anymore, you don’t give a fuck what they’re doing,” she declares. “I was just like, ‘thank God I’m out of that situation.’ And honestly, it was the best thing that I could’ve done, because my life has changed so much for the better.”

 But while she has recently mended things with the Kardashians there is one tradition she is not going to uphold with her coming child:

 “No. The baby won’t have a K name. We both agreed (she and Rob).

The entire article is definitely worth a read…chronicling Chyna’s rise from the back of the booty bar to the front pages of magazines and reality TV stardom.

Datwon Thomas, editor in chief of Vibe magazine, offered a similar assessment of Chyna’s triumph over the Balmain-clad don Kris Jenner. “Chyna popped up, and all of sudden she’s pregnant, and now she’s got one of the most powerful pieces on the chess board,” he says, referring to Rob. As for whether or not she loves her husband-to-be: “I think she loves him,” says Thomas, “but I think it was a power move, initially. Let’s not kid ourselves. A lot of these celebrity couples are really only business deals.”

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